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Vegvísir: The Truth of the Viking Compass

Vegvísir: The Truth of the Viking Compass

The word Vegvisir means “way finder” or “signpost” in Icelandic and the Vegvisir symbol is designed to give guidance and protection. It is said that the rune had the power to ensure its wearer never got lost and always found their way home, even when they did not know the way. It was a wayfinding symbol often called the Viking or Norse Compass.

It is believed that the eight Viking rune staves comprising the Vegvisir could be representing the cardinal (North, South, West, East) and intercardinal directions (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast).

The interesting reality regarding the Viking compass is that it actually has little to do with the Vikings. The first mention of it was in the Huld Manuscript, which was written in 1860 in Iceland by Geir Vigfusson and specifically states when translated, “Carry this sign with you and you won't get lost in storms or bad weather, even in unfamiliar surroundings”. To give you an idea, the Viking Age was between 793 – 1066, far before the Vegvisir was first mentioned.

Even though the Viking Compass may not actually have anything to do with the Vikings, it still has historic and cultural value. It symbolizes a valuable lesson. We can all use some reminding not to lose ourselves or our way on this exciting journey we call life.

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