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Viking Symbols ~ what is your Viking rune birthstone?

Viking Symbols ~ what is your Viking rune birthstone?

Vikings utilized various antiquated images in light of Norse folklore. Images assumed a crucial part in the Viking society and were utilized to address their divine beings, convictions and legends. Some Viking images stay secretive,Β and their significance is at this point in time still unclear, yet there are likewise numerous antiquated images that have clear messages

Β The top 10 Viking Symbols are

1. Thor's Hammer - Mjolnir

2. Yggdrasil - Norse Tree of Life

3. Valknut - Viking Symbol for Death in Battle

4. The Helm of Awe - Viking symbol for Protection

5. Huginn and Muninn - The Twin Ravens in Norse Mythology

6. Web of Wyrd (Skuld's Net) - Viking Matrix of Fate

7. Troll Cross - Norse Symbol Protecting Against Troll and Elves

8. The Triple Horn of Odin

9. Gungnir - The Spear of Odin

10. Vegvisir - Runic Compass

Nordic mythology believes the God Odin found or created the runes. When a child is born, the Nornir and Dissir (goddesses and spirits of time) weave all aspects into the destiny of the child, including the good and the bad. They stretch threats out across the land which fix in place aspects of that child's doom. The runic astrology assumes this is an analogy for the position of the stars and planets.

The Vikings left behind a great number of important historical documents in stone, wood and metal, all written in the enigmatic symbols known as runes. They relied on these symbols not only for writing but also to tell fortunes, cast spells, and provide protection.

There are a few ways to calculate your birth runes. Some even use a birth chart analysis. The most common are tables that calculate your solar birth rune and your birth hour rune. This can be compared to the Sun sign and our Rising sign in our astrology. The set of rune stones, sometimes cards, is composed of 24 symbols and was also used as an alphabet for communication. Dividing them into the 12 months of a year, each rune governs half a month.

    Viking Runes (Norse Runes) were created in the Roman era to write the earliest forms of the Germanic language. They were eventually used by the Norse, Anglo-Saxons, and Germans. For over a thousand years, the runes evolved into writing styles that fit the needs of contemporary Germanic culture.

    Find your birthdate and your first rune below:

    • 29th June – 14th July – Fehu
    • 14th July – 29th July - Uruz
    • 29th July – 13th August - Thurisaz
    • 13th August – 29th August - Ansuz
    • 29th August – 13th September – Raidho
    • 13th September – 28th September – Kenaz
    • 28th September – 13th October – Gebo
    • 13th October – 28th October - Wunjo
    • 28th October – 13th November – Hagalaz
    • 13th November – 28th November – Nauthiz
    • 28th November – 13th December – Isa
    • 13th December – 28th December – Jera
    • 28th December – 13th January – Eihwaz
    • 13th January – 28th January – Perthro
    • 28th January – 13th February – Algiz
    • 13th February – 27th February – Sowilo
    • 27th February – 14th March - Teiwaz
    • 14th March – 30th March -Berkano
    • 30th March – 14th April – Ehwaz
    • 14th April – 29th April – Mannaz
    • 29th April – 14th May – Laguz
    • 14th May – 29th May – Ingwaz
    • 29th May – 14th June – Othala
    • 14th June – 29th June – Dagaz

    The symbols can be used in Rune form to tell future or you can wear a symbol in a pendant to give you protection, strength and the power of the Vikings.

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