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What animal calls to you

What animal calls to you

Oh nature how you amaze us with your creatures. From mystic owls, crawly spiders, stinging scorpions, fluttering butterflies.

Animals have given us messages and comfort since the beginning of time. They have been used in the stars for horoscopes, Chinese zodiac, Native American spirit animals or totem, dreamtime animals. They have played such a role in keeping us connected with the earth.

Owls have been looked at as a good omen as they are said to be wise and send messages of super natural contact to you. Owl is popular for its richness, supporting personal growth, and financial success. Owl energy is very magical and transformative. One can place a Fengshui owl in any area of the house wherein one desires protection from evil, circulation of luck and money or positive energy.

Spiders are such clever and creative creatures. Spinning a beautiful web that can catch food and support their body as a home. Different spiders can mean different things but the main message from a spider is its time to weave your wishes into reality. Many fear the spider but it is actually a message of time to grow and create your own reality and they come from a place of letting go of the old and bringing in the new.

Scorpions, The spiritual connotation of the scorpion is all about purging yourself of the proverbial "poison," or the things that are detrimental to you and cause psychological congestion. The scorpion spirit will be highly beneficial for those in toxic relationships in helping them make a clean break and give birth to an entirely new vision. Take the sting out of your life with an amazing scorpion to guide and protect you.

The good old butterfly has so much beauty and grace. When you see one you cant help but breathe in the magic or the colour of the energy of those wings. People have had a butterfly land on them or stay along side them after a loved on passes over. They have been know to hold the love of the angels and give you comfort in times of need. They represent time of change going though all the transformations to open the wings of beauty to the world which we know can sometimes be hard to do.

So many amazing creatures on nature that can remind you that your not alone and that you are loved and supported. Even as a symbol to keep on your person or look at everyday to remind you. Tune into the animals that are around you and work with them to guide you into a loving balance with all creatures great and small on this earth.

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