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What do I do with my broken crystals?

What do I do with my broken crystals?

One of your crystals has broken? Now what do you do? 

It can be awful when your crystals break, especially if it was an accident. But don't stress, there is still lots you can do with them.

Crystals can break for a whole heap of reasons, weather, being dropped, the sun, some people believe they break when they have served their purpose or lost their energy or the make up of the crystals is just super delicate. Whatever the reason you're now left with broken pieces, so here are a few things you can do with them.

1. Return them to the earth:

Lots of people believe that when a crystal breaks it has fulfilled its purpose and has to be returned to where it came from, sort of like a cycle of life thing. You can bury the crystals in the ground to return them back to mother nature.  

2. Put them in your plants:

Crystals have so much awesome energy that we use, why not give some of that energy to your plants. Stick them in the soil around your plant and watch it grow (the plant, not the crystal)!

3. Make some wire wrapped creations: 

Grab some wire and wrap that crystal into whatever creation you can think of, necklaces, bracelets, window hanging, into dream catchers. Go crazy with creativity.

4. Well, now you have more than one crystal: 

Cleanse the crystals pieces and now you have two crystals to work with. 

5. Break the crystal more: 

Yep, that's right, break that crystal more, crush it up and use the crystal chips in spell jars, or to put other crystals on or decorate a space. The options are endless. 

There is so many things you can do with your broken crystals, this is only the start! 


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