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What is that smell?

What is that smell?

How amazing when someone walks past and you cop a wiff of that amazing aroma they have on.

The ancient Egyptians are frequently cited as the creators of perfume. By burning essential oils, resin, and perfumed lubricants, they used scents to commemorate prayers and religious rituals. This practise served a variety of purposes.

Typically, perfume oils are applied to the skin or clothing in place of more conventional fragrances and alcohol-based perfumes. It covers up body odour and makes one smell good without making them particularly fragrant. Overall, they offer a stronger, more natural aroma compared to popular alcohol-based perfumes.

Perfume oils are more inexpensive, and you can blend them to make a perfume that is exclusively yours. These natural smells are far less intense and might be more suitable for skin types with sensitive skin. In comparison to their alcohol-based cousins, they also last a lot longer and are less intrusive.

Oils are applied to pulse points because of the heat from these locations, perfume oils remain longer when applied to pulse points including the wrist, neck, inner elbow, and behind the ears. 2. Apply a small amount at a time: Because perfume oils are so concentrated, start with a little and add more as necessary.

They also come in amazing long lasting scents such as

White Sage which will give protection and aroma

Dragons Blood for calming mood and creating space

Patchouli for releasing stress and helping with controlling appetite

Black Opium for increased energy

So not only do they smell amazing they also have energy properties to help you keep on track all day.



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