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What to do on a New Moon

What to do on a New Moon

Looking for something to do on the New Moon? 

Here are 11 things to do on a New Moon:

1. Cleanse and charge your crystals. 

Rid your crystals of the energy from the last lunar cycle. Focus on what you want to achieve in this cycle and charge them up to work their magic.

2. Self Care

Don't forget to look after yourself, the New Moon brings a lot of changes which can be exhausting, draining and even a bit intimidating. Look after yourself.

3. Make a vision board

Make your dreams and goals visual. Print of images, draw, collect things and stick them on it, whatever makes you inspired! 

4. Set new healthy habits

Don't think big, set attainable goals that make you happy. Maybe it's drinking a glass of water before bed, or stretching in the morning, or standing in the fresh air for 5 minutes everyday.

5. Salt bath or self cleanse

Cleanse away that energy from the past lunar cycle

6. Cleanse your home

Use your preferred method, sage, incense, sound, light etc

7. Journaling/writing 

Put those dreams, aspirations, goals into writing. Reflect on where you have come from. What can be improved? What went well? What was unexpected? What are you thankful for? What were the best/worst things? Who is someone you love having in your life? etc etc 

8. Organize/clean

Refresh that room. 

9. Set new intentions

What are you putting out into the universe? What are your goals etc. It's time to manifest! 

10. Rest and meditate 

New moon energy is CRAZY! Take time for yourself.

11. Spend some time outdoors

Reconnect with nature. Ground yourself. 

Wanting a little bit more info on manifestation? Check out these: Search: 10 results found for "manifestation" – The Crystal and Wellness Warehouse 



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