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What type of witch are you?

What type of witch are you?

There is many type of witches out there, what type are you?

We have compiled a little list of the types of witches, there is still more out there so if you don't identify with any of these DO NOT stress. 

Have a read and see what takes your fancy, or maybe two do? 

Fire witch: 

Focuses on the element of fire. Uses a lot candles and burning rituals.

Music witch:

So much of witch craft is embedded in sound. Music witches use music to enhance rituals. They use things like bells, sound bowls etc

Green witch: 

Very natural earth based magic. Uses herbs and other natural resources.

Nocturnal witch: 

Embraces darker energies. Mainly works after midnight. Loves darkness, night and its mysteries.

Crystal witch:

Uses crystal in rituals. Loves working with chakras. Probably has a giant crystal collection.

Storm witch: 

Gets their energy from storms. Collects rainwater and moonwater to use in spells. Will find them dancing in rain.

Kitchen witch: 

Combines witchcraft and cooking. Loves baking and cooking as part of their rituals.

Astronomy witch: 

Obsessed with star signs, astrology and star charts. Basically a walking horoscope. 

Lunar witch: 

Knows what phase the moon is at. Will do new moon/full moon rituals. Probably has multiple jars of moon water in their house. Sleeps with the curtains open so they can see the moon. Is 100% a night person.

Hope you found something that you resonate with. Witch craft originated with people using what they had to make magic. So totally fine to use what you have and be an awesome combo of all of these. Just remember positive intentions are the most powerful.

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