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What's all the buzz about orange calcite?

What's all the buzz about orange calcite?

There are few different types of stones and crystals which people use for healing and to help with mental, emotional, spiritual and physical goals. Each stone has its own properties, which make it better suited to particular uses. Orange calcite is a rock-forming mineral that’s found in many different countries. Its properties are frequently associated with higher consciousness

Calcite is a common crystal. Having said this, it’s also a complex crystal. It is a carbonate mineral that comes in a range of different shades. Calcite may be clear or white, brown, red, orange, blue, green and yellow (among other different colors). Calcite means strength of spirit as well as energy.

What Is Orange Calcite?

Orange calcite is a very energising and cleansing stone that blesses you with a wave of energy. The meaning of orange calcite comes from the ancient Greek word Chalix as well as the Latin word Calx. These translate to ‘lime’. As opposed to referring to color, the link to lime is a nod to its makeup of crystallised limestone. 

Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral. Calcite appears in the intricacies of stalactites and stalagmites. 

Orange calcite comes with different names in our modern world. You could hear it referred to as calcspar, clear calcite, or Iceland spar. Orange calcite is mined across the globe, but most of the orange calcite has been uncovered in the mines of:

  • Eastern Europe, 
  • Belgium,  
  • Great Britain, 
  • Romania, 
  • Mexico, 
  • Namibia, 
  • USA

What Is the metaphysical Meaning Of Orange Calcite?

Orange calcite is particularly good for the lower chakras or energy centres. These chakras are involved with our feelings of belonging in the world, being linked to others and the planet, as well as our creativity. It is an excellent stone to select to balance the emotions and release feelings of fear and anxiety.

These orange gemstones are perfect to use when you want to try and unlock your creative or sexual energies. Orange calcite is one of the very few stones that help with circulating these energies in your body. This helps with removing certain blockages when needed. 

Orange calcite has a few benefits and common healing properties. Examples of common healing properties are:

  • Cleanses your physical body as well as your environment of negative energy,
  • Boosts vitality,
  • Quickens your spiritual development, 
  • Promotes happiness and joy, 
  • Boosts your awareness,
  • Assists you with discovering and embracing your soul purpose,
  • Facilitates intuitive visions as well as enhances your psychic powers, 
  • Helps in channeling, 
  • Improves creativity,
  • Improves motivation,
  • Removes “fuzz” and improves focus, 
  • Dispels laziness and energises you,
  • Stimulates the memory,
  • Endorses the healing of damaged tissues in the body,
  • Promotes resiliency,
  • Supports a healthy skin-care routine,
  • Banishes the energetic roots of depression, as well as 
  • Encourages the metaphysical/ energetic healing of the reproductive system.

The benefits of orange calcite are a powerful energy amplifier as well as a cleanser. The orange gemstone will enhance all the gifts that you own. It will also take out any pollution that is in your body and light body.

This orange gemstone will increase the flow of positive energies in your body. The result is dispelling negative energies. It will do the same with the space that you inhabit, the things which you use, and the people who you spend time with. Orange calcite will help you to do away with old patterns, behaviours and ways of thinking.

What Chakra Is Orange Calcite Good For?

Orange calcite is good for the solar plexus and sacral (which is the seat of joy, creativity, and pleasure.) chakras.




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