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What's Quacking

What's Quacking

Ducks are an amazing animal. They swim and don't sink, they are waterproof, walk on land and have many beautiful meanings.

Duck meanings and symbolism include laughter and happiness, good luck, nurturing and bonding, emotional stability, unlikely pairings, romantic love, travel, purification and transformation, intuition, and spiritual ascension.

In Buddhism, ducks are considered a symbol similar to the lotus flower. They represent purification and transformation so when you see one, your own Nirvana may be near.
This symbol of eternal love has its roots in one unlikely couple. At Chinese weddings, it's common to see motifs of Mandarin ducks on various decorations. In Chinese culture, Mandarin ducks are believed to be extremely faithful to their partner, and are symbols of love, devotion, affection and fidelity. The Asians call them the Yin-Yang ducks. They symbolize love, romance, devotion, affection, and fidelity to the partner, and they are often used to aid single people in finding their partners.
If you've ever seen two ducks swimming together in a pond or lake, you may have wondered what they symbolize. In many cultures, ducks are considered to be good luck, and seeing two of them is often seen as a sign of positive things to come.
Dreaming of ducks usually represents good luck. It could be a sign of upcoming fortunes, profits, or a work promotion. However, in certain circumstances, a dream about ducks could signal impending danger or stagnation in resolving a difficult situation in your life.
Wings flapping generally means a bird is either seeking attention or displaying happiness.
Originally, a man who wished to marry would purchase pairs of live ducks or geese to give as a gift to the family of the prospective bride. That tradition gave way to using wooden ducks in place of live animals. A couple would select a man to carve their wedding ducks who was honourable, and a good friend.
Even the saying "Like water off a ducks back", is to keep you protected and not absorb negative energy from others.
So Lucky Ducks are actually very lucky indeed.

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