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Why are my ears ringing?

Why are my ears ringing?

Ever had random ringing in your ears? Something spiritual is coming!

First thing is first, if you have consistent ringing in your ears go and get it checked out by a doctor. 

Sound if often used to connect to the spiritual realm, the universe, your higher self, whichever you choose to call it. The ringing in the ears is a symbolic meaning that you may have a clearer mind, you're more receptive to the spiritual world and could be the start of a spiritual awakening. 

It could also be a warning of something big coming. That may be bad or good, or just different. It could also be your spirit guides or your angels trying to communicate something. 

When it happens take note of what you were just doing, what you were thinking about or what questions you have asked. It may be helpful to start writing this down to help you figure it out. 


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