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Pyrite, aka fools gold..

Pyrite, aka fools gold..

Pyrite is one of the most unique crystals out there. It sparkles and looks like gold, what more could you want?

The word Pyrite comes from the Greek word 'pry' which means fire, because Pyrite makes sparks when struck with iron. It literally makes fire! As well as looking lit (pun very much intended) Pyrite has some pretty amazing properties.

Pyrite helps you look at the world differently. If you are searching for a new way of doing something Pyrite can help. It acts as a personal body guard and helps protect your energy and keep away any unwanted energies. It's going to support you as you tackle anything in your life. Needing a boost of inspiration and creativity, yep, that's Pyrites job. Now that you've got new ideas flowing pyrite will help you communicate effectively and often brings recognition and financial gain.

Nothing will weigh you down with Pyrite. Need someone to actually listen to you? Need to persuade someone? Pyrite. It seems like there isn't much that Pyrite can't do. It's a great stone for the workplace, any creative space or for anyone who feels they are stuck in a rut.

Needing a little bit of a financial boost? Pyrite and Malachite are a killer combo for manifesting abundance in your life.

Check out our blog on malachite here: Malachite - Stone of transformation – The Crystal and Wellness Warehouse

Wanting you get your hands on some Pyrite? We just got a huge delivery instore, coming online as soon as possible!

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