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Wait, how am I three star signs?

Wait, how am I three star signs?

Confused on how you have a sun, moon and rising sign? Don't worry it can be confusing at first.

The world of astrology is an intense world full of information and influences. It can be super overwhelming to jump into. But lets start with your personal astrology. Most people probably know their star sign, based on their birthday. But there is a smidge more to it than that. It could explain why some people don't really associate with their star sign.

So simply put, there is three different signs. Your sun, which is your birthday one, the one most people know. This one describes your basic nature. Your moon, this one rules your emotions and sensitivity. Your rising sign influences the way other people see you. Some people refer to these signs as your "big three".

Now I must confess that I personally don't know how to figure out your big three manually. I know you need to know, your birthday, the time you were born and the place you were born. There is many apps and websites that work it out for you, or maybe there is even one out there that teaches you how to do it manually. It can be really fun reading up what each big three sign means and see if you relate to it. It can also help you understand how different astrological events are going to affect you, or when the best time is for you to manifest your wildest dreams.

Need help manifesting, check out our blog on how to get started: Manifesting your wildest dreams – The Crystal and Wellness Warehouse

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